Why we’re different

Maine Food for Thought is a unique educational experience that blends quality local food with the opportunity to discover the economic, ecological, and social underpinnings of the Maine food system.  The systems approach to the tour highlights food from its origins to the journey it takes to reach the plate.  Partnered with restaurants that have gone beyond their bottom line to provide local and sustainably sourced and harvested food, each restaurant stop is a chapter in telling a larger narrative on food, while showcasing tastings that help illustrate the education.   Topics include climate change and the impact on seafood in the Gulf of Maine, food insecurity issues in the state of Maine, the growing importance of immigrants to Maine's economy, and how food connects rural and urban communities. The goal is that attendees enjoy world-class food and become a more intentional consumer in the process in a uniquely fun and educational way.

November_2017_Portland_Maine_20171130-DSC_4216 By Corey Templeton Morning Light at Widgery Wharf - large.jpg