Five Things To Do In Portland, Maine, Right Now

It’s mud season in New England – that time of year when dirty piles of snow are still melting away, and it’s unclear from one day to the next if the ground will be frozen or you’ll sink up to your ankles in muck. Which makes it the perfect time of year to get away to Portland. The sun is glinting off the harbor, but tourist season hasn’t taken hold, so waits are shorter, some prices are lower and Old Port’s sidewalks aren’t jam-packed. There are many, many reasons to love Portland always, so it’s hard for me to narrow my list. But here are five things I’m particularly fond of just now.

3.) Walk, learn and eat with the Maine Food for Thought tour. It’s not often that one takes the time to think too deeply about corn. Or potatoes. Or basil. But the Maine Food for Thought tour leaves you with both a full belly and a deeper understanding of what’s on your plate, from the ways to preserve local corn for the dead of winter to who harvested those potatoes (maybe high school soccer players). A carefully selected group of restaurants presents local, sustainable dishes and stories behind them, giving participants the chance to dip into six acclaimed spots on the three-hour tour. Oh, and don’t worry – of course there’s lobster.


ForbesArielle Walrath