Maine Food for Thought was founded in 2018 with the goal to reveal a distinctive story of Maine's unique food system, the path that food travels from land and sea to fork, and how it impacts the people, ecology and economy of our state. At Maine Food for Thought, we are passionate about showcasing Maine’s world class food culture and providing our guests with the opportunity to discover and learn more about their relationship to food, the farmer, the fishermen, the forager and the purveyors that bring it all to life.

Meet The Founders

Bryce and Sarah Hach


Maine Food for Thought Co-Founders, Bryce and Sarah Hach, met in statistics class (cue the romantic music) in public policy and management graduate school in Pittsburgh and previously lived and worked in numerous states and in London, UK. They spent their first wedding anniversary in Maine and instantly fell in love with the natural beauty and amenities. For several years, they couldn’t get Maine off of their minds and so in December 2012 (yes during a Maine winter), they made a “move of intention” to the beautiful Portland, Maine area and are proud to call Maine home.

Maine Food for Thought blends Bryce and Sarah’s interests to be lifelong learners, their professional backgrounds in the education, conservation, economic development and nonprofit sectors, and of course their mutual love of FOOD!!

Maine Food for Thought’s goal is to provide guests with an entertaining, educational and delicious local seasonal food experience as they discover Maine’s “authentic story behind the plate!”